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New NPT: Sins



Ok, one more little NPT comic poem thing to tide you over untill they get the poster for the next Insano Chapter out of the lab.  (I heard it's a bit big so it's been hard to squeeze out the door).

No more zombies this time!
Some will be sad,
I know,
and some will be glad
'cause I can't draw'em for squat!

They'll be back though.
They always come back.
And mebbe my art then
will bring more life to the dead.

This new NPT... I hesitate to call it a"comic" because... it's more like some weird ass kindergarden art piece... let's just call it a poem-drawing-attempt-thing?...?


This is a poem,
based off an older one of mine. 
Seems I have many of these,
laying around passing time.

I guess I could do a Dickenson,
and hold on to them till I die,
But I'm not nearly that kind!
The world must suffer my poem try!


I used to say

The only sin
I ever committed
Was the fact
I never committed any

I wondered
if anyone else
had ever said
those words before

If so I never heard

But they sounded
so very quotable to me
Still as far as I knew
Only my words for me

And for a time
they were so true

Yes, for a time
they used to be so true
they used to be so true


More Insano soon...