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New NPT: A question for the movies...


And it is new this time!

The artist has informed me that the next official Doctor Insano strip should be due out soon, so you guys (all one hundred of you!) won't have to suffer the art of a non-artist for much longer!

Anyways, this little strip is probaly the most complex one that I've personally drawn.  That might not say much for my skills, but this is also the first one I've drawn where I actually drew the whole damn thing on one sheet of paper, instead of whole buncha little bits, and gimping them together.  Hopefully, my drawing is improving a little.

And was for y writing gig, this is another comic based on one of my "Poem Like Things" (PLT).

Here it goes, below:  You might want to look at the comic first, then come back here to see the original version of the PLT...

A question for the movies...

So Whats up with the fast zombies?

If you could,
Please answer me this:

Ghouls no good for you?
They're flesh eating creatures too,
and not necessarily of the night.
Plenty well conditioned
to give someone a fright!

Zombies shamble around,
much like mindless sheep.
They don't break fast,
run at you and leap!

What happened I ask
Did some director see
some poor homeless zombie
out on the street
then say "Hey You!"
"You there!"
"With the open wounds,"
"and festering fingers!"
"You could be in movies!"

Did he square his fingers
and frame the poor lost soul
then excitedly exclaim

"Yeah you!"
"Just work out a little"
"Go to the gym"
"Trust me on this"
"You'll fit right in!"

Hope you enjoy.