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Commentary on the new NPT: Shot and Steel


New NPT Comic: Shot and Steel Here


Where the hell did this comic come from?
Well… interesting story behind that.
Ideas come from many places.
From experiences  and dreams,
to the random oddball conversation.
Here’s what I roughly related to the artist…


On Facebook those damn surveys abound
But among them many stories are to be found
And many useful information bits
like just how prepared are your friends
for when the zombie apocalypse hits?

Any after writing my responses
in which I tried to be a bit witty
I took a few moments to burn
and wrote this little ditty:

It seems unanimous
The zombie hordes
will be upon us

Shot and steel
We will wield
and keep 'em from us

Oh glorious day
When we wipe 'em all away
and the good Earth praises us

But how did that come to be?
Well, there’s another epic tale you see…

I dreamed about zombies again...
I dreamt of them all night.
Even after a bathroom break,
I couldn't escape that dreamscape fright!

I don't know what the deal with zombies is,
but my fangirl friend came over last night
and wanted to play a zombie shooting game
And so we did, we played, so very late into the night.

Everyone I know
has the Zombie Survival Guide
And nearly everyone I know
has read World War Z
Nearly everyone I know
Everyone except for me

The Man In Japan started a conservation
He asked us to talk about ourselves
which I for one only did
after much hesitation

But Willkill didn't hesitate
oh no not he not none
mentioned he liked swords
mentioned he liked guns
and that he carried both
while others carried one
And said that he was ready
for the day zombies would come

So The Man In Japan replied
very much in kind
And said those were the very reasons
When humanity was on run
‘Cause zombies had started come
Willkill would be draft pick one.
Cause while others had either or,
he'd have sword and gun

So I said ha! And wrote a little ditty.
And since many were amused
I found myself christened...
"Combat Chaplain"
christened with very little pity

For himself The Man In Japan took
that most exalted title of
Bladed Berserker Recon Boy
Yeah - you try to find that in a book!

(Willkill for his part
had this little bit to say:
Be what you want,
but stay out my weapon's way!)

For a brief moment I actually considered
trying to draw a cartoon to match that poem

Or at least three caricatures
of us three characters
Then rudely discovered
I sincerely lacked the talent!

Seems I went and I did it anyway
Still lacking the talent

(and since I hate to throw away
anything I worked for a day
and since for this I don’t get paid
might as well share it anyway!)