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A Message From the Doctor



I've got it on good authority!

(from the artist himself!)

The lab's back in production!

More Doctor Insano strips will soon be on the way!

Just check here

To see what the Doctor has to say!


Happy Holidays from Infallible Clause!


The lab is back in production again!

You really better be good, because Santa is outsourcing this year!

We've more got comics in the pipe, but here's a holiday gift to hold you over to the lab is operating at full steam!

More Insano Soon!


New Comic: What Dreams May Gun

One more outing for our good buddy Decker Decker.

All in all, things are going pretty good here in the labs.  We've been playing with the site layout a bit.  We've also updated our contact form to help keep the massive throngs of spammers at bay.  You could do the good doctor (and us) a favor by testing our contact form out and letting us know what you think of our recent site changes.

If we don't hear from anyone, we'll just have to assume that everyone simply loves our site update because the form, of course, wouldn't be broken...

Also, on another note, it seems we've been able to put our summer hiatus on hiatus.  You should be seeing more regular content from the folks back in the lab.  It won't be weekly just yet, but we are trying hard for an update every other week at least.

New story starting soon.  Hope you enjoy. Thanks again for the visit!

Oh - one last favor request.  Our comic rankings have took a serious hit from our summer vacation, so we'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could for vote for us over on the voting links page. If you feel like it, vote more than once.  Visit the graveyard; grab some names, along with any friends or relatives you can bully into trekking down to the voting booth.   It may not lower taxes, or give us universal health coverage, but you'll feel warm inside for doing your comic duty...

Again, thanks for dropping by our little universe.





New Comic: Decker Days: What's In A Name

And here we are, out with Decker again - pondering the mysteries of life and the universe, in it's Better Days...

Ok, mebbe not.

So what goes in a name? Not all need a baby naming book. A good goof and set one for life!  Distant relatives with a wonky moniker can be good too.  Money sometimes. Or some other curious fact... mebbe the name of a certain bit of geography, or say what certain people call a running stream?... (ok, bit of an inside joke there)

On another note, we've made some updates to our site layout.  Take a look around, and let know what you think!  More changes may be on the way!

And more Insano too!


New Comic: Decker Days: Whittle Me This

 And so the Good Doctor returns!

Well, sorta.  At least the kids are out having a good time while the Doctor is whiling away his time working on who knows what in the lab.

Sorry for the comic delay.  Hopefully, this will be it for our annual summer hiatus.  So many things to do! And such little precious time to do them all.  Like the Good Doctor, we’ve been whiling away time in our own personal labs.  Yep, summertime is burning away like a candle.  Gotta get things done!

The next strip is already in process, and should be up much sooner than the last.

Thank you for hanging on with us!


New Comic: The Mapping of Misdirection: Part 7: Reward

The twisted lens of forlorn hope makes even simple prizes seem ever so dear...
Beware the forlorn prize holder lest any hope bared may morph into shaky fear.

And so ends our trip to the mall of campy councils, hidden histories, and sinister somethings. Decker is due up for a return, and the rest of the Insano crew is getting ready for something big. Less melodrama, lots more boom, and we promise, quite soon.

Do come back soon, and be prepared to explore a world that is Insano!

P.S. Oh yeah - forgot to mention - Doctor Insano has gone completely digital as of this strip.  Woo hoo! 

New Comic: Mapping Part 6: Aftershock: Reflections


And in those times of doubt and fear, we find we need our friends ever near. Not always to listen to what they say, but to let their presence help guide our way. For he who determinedly walks alone, will find things dark and that all of his help is forever gone. There is much more hope to be found in a friendly ear that what one could ever squeeze from some stale beer. No one’s troubles can ever stop the birth of a new day, but a friend in hand can break open cloudy skies like a mighty sun ray!

Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for hanging around for us!


New Comic: Mapping Part 5: Aftershock: Recollection


Behind every great hero there is a past, a mystery, triumphs, and memories. Buried in those memories are the things that turn the average Joe into a Super Hero. But while one may rise, another may fall, and thus not all trips down memory lane are pleasant for all.

There are many trials one may face in their lifetime, but few are as difficult as those where you find yourself forced to question a loved one. Such trials and tribulations have been known to wreck some, strengthen others, and make a few either entirely crazed or wholly bitter. The endurance of such situations though, can not only bring one new insight, but also form needed bonds that one might not ever thought possible, or ever saw the need for before…


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