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In the Sketchbook, The Making of "Phashion Physics"

Mr. J (that will be our artist) has posted a blog detailing his work on "Phashion Physics".

You can check it out here!


New Doctor Insano Comic: Dorm Daze 5: Phashion Physics!

Dorm Daze 5: Phashion Physics!
Life, the Universe, and Shopping... 

Nothing quite like a day out shopping with the girls at the mall, right fellas?  What could be more satisfying than spending countless hours staring at rack after rack after rack of numerous clothes as your lifeforce whittles away at some random boutique?  Why, that mad dash to the mall exit, that's what!

Then again, shopping doesn't have to be a simple but much repeated test of your card swiping skills.  Under the right circumstances, it can serve as an invitation to discuss and observe many things, such as existential elements of the universe and whatnot.... 

We're back from break! 

More Insano on the way!!! 



Doctor Insano 2.0

Hello everyone!

The rollout of Doctor Insano 2.0 is almost complete!

In addition to fleshing out character gallery and reworking our navbar, we've updated the site forum software, replaced our old blogging software with something new and much better, plus turned the Sketchbook page into a full fledged blog for the artist. Woo hoo!

Also, other minor updates are in the works, such as some new site graphics, a reworking of the comic display engine, and creating rss feeds for the forums and the comic strips.

The NPTs will be on hold on the scripts for our next series is complete. We have such grand things planned for you all this year! It's gonna be a blast!

Please let us know what you think of the site update, and also please inform us if you experience any bugs or problems.

Thanks again!


Happy Polly-Days!

Welcome to our new site news blog

Here is where all future news posts will go.

The old news posts can still be accessed here.

Zombies are kewl

From a distance, alone by their self, and preferably inside a sealed enclosure.

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