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When poems did rhyme

There was once this time
When poems oddly did rhyme
And had beat, rhythm, and chime

But pop songs took that away
Leaving poets nothing to say
And many bills left to pay

And so they now speak
And none of them a bit meek
A buncha words like this
That I'd rather miss:

Boom tock tiki.
I have spoken.

But what the hell did you say?
My ears are bleeding away!

I saw one walk upon the carpet
of the very, very, long hall.

And so we all do!
What's so special about you?!

So I danced with a forlorn
soul of earthly demeanor
only to have a lost wind
steal away my somber partner

But still you stand
and my attention you demand

A roach on the post witnessed
a young girl bleed tears and blood
cast aside by a fulfilled wanter

And a tale may be there
And it seems one not too fair...

Life is not a song
Reality has no tune
It's just there
Live it and do
There is nothing to check

So our language is alive
And some bits may die
But it will grow
More than you know
You sing it or you speak it
But you know you always mean it
There is life in this word
And it must be heard

If by rhyme or chime
Or a phrase out of time
A sole word lost
or a thought just found
There are many tales to tell
and many ways to tell a tale

And it matters not the time.

The Mapping of Misdirection: Rights

Sorry for the delay. I'm gonna blame headaches and editors. Since I’m the only editor I have, I guess that essentially means I’m blaming myself – which, really, wouldn’t be far from the truth.

So what do people do in an uncertain situation with poor options and bad choices? Well, it can be hard to say, but for many, when all options are bad, the option to opt for is the option that might give more bad options, instead of no options at all! How does that work out for most? As they say, only time will tell – if that’s an option...

Check the good Doctors options out here!

And discuss it here!


New Comic: All Along The Darkscape

New comic here.

Ok, slight change of plans. I know, two weeks ago, we promised our ten readers a 'T-shirt' comic on this day. That's been put on hold for say... a coupla strips. Bob and Sparky are hankering for us to let them out for a bit, which we will do, just not yet. You can expect them on that future T-Shirt comic day.

In the mean time, Captain Infallible has a few issues to work out, along with an unintended PSA about telling people check out labels on their food. Trust us, there is often more info on those things than deceptive calorie counts.

Hang around, and we'll drop a few more clues about the Good Captain and that chili bean dream...


New Comic: Infallible Feelings

We haven't seen the Good Captain and his fabulous house in a bit, so take a peek at them both here.

Rest assure, we'll be elaborating, if ever so briefly, on the Good Captain's plight here shortly.

So Valentines Day is just around the corner. Some people really look forward to it, others, not so much. The reasons for both can vary greatly.

One might have someone that makes the day really worth celebrating; a time to enjoy that warmth and shine that two special people bring to a truly heartfelt union.

Or one might see that day as just another holiday bloated with commercialism, solely design to bleed your accounts dry. Candy? Flowers? Balloons too, dammit! Special cruise? Holiday diamond? Ahgggg!!! My wallet is bleeding!

Or, per chance, one may skip celebrating it altogether because one may not have the spirit for it. One's special half may be off at war, sick, or otherwise unavailable for some other reason.

Or you could be single, which might bring much relief to your purse.

Unless one is really in love with oneself, that is. Perfect time and excuse to embrace that inner narcissist and buy new toys! Show love to oneself! Smell that credit card smoking! Ahhhhh... toys... Gotta love those toys. I'm talking video games here, people. Video games. To each their own. To each their own toy.

Whatever your take on that day is, we hope it is a good day for you.

feel free to talk about this comic here 

An Insano Future Cutaway: New Doctor Insano Poster Comic!

We have grand plans for our readers. Plans that will encompass the next several months!

We have a holiday special and a T-Shirt comic coming up for you, and after that, we'll start our next story arc!

This tale to come will be a bit more of a comic book type comic, than a strip comic. Everyone you ever wondered about in the Doctor Insano universe will have a role a play. The Doctor will show what he can really do. You'll get to see why that mummy is hanging around the site all the time. Captain Infallible will get a chance to show you what makes him a hero. The Insano Girls and Boys will also have a chance to save the world, or, in failing that, at least mitigate the damage.

So hang around and enjoy: A Future that is INSANO!


New Doctor Insano Comic: Dorm Daze 7: Martian Ozarks

New Comic Here!

The dreams of space lovers have launched many a ship into space. Ships that are, for the most part, fictional. The TARDIS, the many Enterprises, and even a Battlestar named Galatica, have been flying around our TV sets since the sixties and seventies, but humanity hasn’t tried stepping farther than the moon, or even back to the moon, since December 7, 1972. Some people say that the expenditures required for such ventures are unwarranted. The real reason humanity haven’t out stepped back out into space is because the people with the means to do so have yet to find a compelling reason to, well, do so. Now, if proper motivation was found for the right parties, we’d be back in space in no time….



How are you?

Better than me,
I do believe.

As I lay dying,
in my skin frying,
the night slips away,
into some other day.

But at the tunnel's end,
I miss the light with a bend,
and into that other day,
I do plunge away.


New Doctor Insano Comic: Dorm Daze 6: Apocalyptic Accessories

The zombie apocalypse is coming,
and you better prepare!  
Don't wait for any sales either.  
The zombies simply won't care!

Well some people are convinced of this.  Are you really going to argue with someone who is willing to show you the proper sway to smash a skull with a crowbar?...


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