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The Journal

A new section we will be adding soon is the "Journal".  It will be a place where we drop various types of writings, concerning various types of topics.  You can click here to see what we have posted so far.

Hope you find something to amusing yourself with, or at least, think about.

Thanks for  stopping by!


Slight delay

Hey everyone.  Sorry.  It's been a busy few weeks.  The next comic has been delayed, but never fear: its’ production is underway!  It should be posted at our normal time next Sunday.  Hope to see everyone then!


Sage Comics launches

We are pleased to announce the launch of Sage Comics.
(We're actually running a bit behind on that too.  It was launched three days ago!)

The good Doctor was invited to join several months ago, and it is our honor to announce his acceptance of said invitation.  You can visit Sage Comics here and find a wide variety of comics that cover a vast range styles, genres, and art forms: from comedy to drama, from fantasy  to science fiction, and from manga style to those of the good 'ol American comic book school of design.

We hope enjoy.


New Comic: The Mapping of Misdirection: Part 4: Rescue

Sorry! The Doctor is running late again as he studies the perils of mechanized justice! Check out his study group here!


New Comic: The Mapping of Misdirection: Part 3: Rendition

New comic here!
Discuss it here!

Nothing like dank tunnels and secret societies to set the mood, eh?

Despite what might be implied by the new strip, we like Star Trek, mostly. We could jettison a few things here and there, but for the most part we like it. Its message of future hope stands in sharp contrast with the dreary conflicts of today. Outside of the improbable technology, its promise of a peaceful and productive society, wholly without poverty, seems like something that only a rouge wish on an ever fading shooting star could grant.

Simon Pegg, a British actor of some renown in certain circles, will be taking up the engineering glove formerly held by James Montgomery Doohan in the next Star Trek movie. Pegg has starred in a number of films lucky enough to reach us here stateside in recent years such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the upcoming Run Fat Boy Run. To fans of British television, he might be best known for Spaced (an absolute fanboy delight!), a series he co-wrote and starred in with fellow British actress Jessica Hynes (née Stevenson). Spaced somehow managed to take what looked like a normal comedy about two roommates, and use that as a device to parody and lampoon everything from Cuckoo’s Nest and Star Wars to The Matrix and Fight Club. If you’ve never seen it, you really should try to.

The T-Shirt comic has been delayed indefinitely. We have much more filling content heading your way.

Stay tuned!  We have much more misdirection that needs to be mapped, and there   is something even bigger looming over the horizon!


New Comic: The Mapping of Misdirection: Part 2: Recruitment

Ok, this strip has been running a bit late, but it's here now. Hooray!

Anyways, we had a much more extensive news post planned to go along with this strip, but things didn't pan out just right. We’ll get back to that post later.

Here we prove you don't have to be a video game comic in order to reference the insanity of Jack Thompson's anti video game crusade (though it does help to reference a video game).

Was gonna say more but… I’m tired. Gotta go to bed now.



Comic delayed, it'll be here soon!

Ok, the next Mapping of Misdirection comic will be up soon. Been a busy weekend for all!

And stay tune for afterwards, this little mini series is setting up some grand things to come!


Archive page broke, fixed



Seems like the template page for the Archive page got overwrote earlier this week with the wrong page.  I think it was my bad.

Did I say whoops already?

Anyways, the Archive page is up and running again.

You can check it out here!


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