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New NPT Comic: The Etiquette of Public Privacy



I'm afraid today
we have nothing
overly special to say.

A rising tide of Flood
is helping keep
the artist at bay.

A mad horde of friends
is keeping the writer
bound and away.

So we here we offer
an ever so slight slight penance.
An NPT comic,
your patronage remittance.


I'm told the next comic is coming soon.
Serious. Really is.
Being colored with high quality imported crayons from Japan.
Serious. Really is.

Our Confused State

While we wait, here is a simple musing on our confused
state and the obfuscation brought by high definition

compelled to embrace
a mangled media menagerie
we are living in state
of confused high definition

the cables are too short
with connectors bent
smells run touch blurs
and light feels gritty

now all is bared
as a visual hum

we find ourselves
fed an image so clear
that profound errors
strangely just disappear

could it be true
we never knew truth?
yesterday's vision impaired?
nothing but obsolete understandings?

not at all!
silly thoughts all!

loud, big, pretty, with no focus,
to better hide imperfections
that's our high definition
nothing really but a better deception.


Still here!

Doctor Insano is still around.

Sorry for the delay, everyone keeps getting busy!

The Artist partially blames the Writer for getting him  an XBox for his b-day.  Hmm... hard to argue that point.

Next strip is in production and will hopefully be up soon!

See you around!


New Comic: The Mapping of Misdirection: Part 7: Reward

The twisted lens of forlorn hope makes even simple prizes seem ever so dear...
Beware the forlorn prize holder lest any hope bared may morph into shaky fear.

And so ends our trip to the mall of campy councils, hidden histories, and sinister somethings. Decker is due up for a return, and the rest of the Insano crew is getting ready for something big. Less melodrama, lots more boom, and we promise, quite soon.

Do come back soon, and be prepared to explore a world that is Insano!

P.S. Oh yeah - forgot to mention - Doctor Insano has gone completely digital as of this strip.  Woo hoo! 

New Comic: Mapping Part 6: Aftershock: Reflections


And in those times of doubt and fear, we find we need our friends ever near. Not always to listen to what they say, but to let their presence help guide our way. For he who determinedly walks alone, will find things dark and that all of his help is forever gone. There is much more hope to be found in a friendly ear that what one could ever squeeze from some stale beer. No one’s troubles can ever stop the birth of a new day, but a friend in hand can break open cloudy skies like a mighty sun ray!

Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for hanging around for us!


Slight delay, again

The good doctor would like to offer his thanks to his loyal readers.  He hasn't gone anywhere but he's been awfully busy at the moment and the lab is running behind.  Never fear though, the pencils are down and the ink has been poured.  More Insano goodness should be heading your way soon! (barring any more mishaps in the lab that is)

Much thanks for hanging around!



New Comic: Mapping Part 5: Aftershock: Recollection


Behind every great hero there is a past, a mystery, triumphs, and memories. Buried in those memories are the things that turn the average Joe into a Super Hero. But while one may rise, another may fall, and thus not all trips down memory lane are pleasant for all.

There are many trials one may face in their lifetime, but few are as difficult as those where you find yourself forced to question a loved one. Such trials and tribulations have been known to wreck some, strengthen others, and make a few either entirely crazed or wholly bitter. The endurance of such situations though, can not only bring one new insight, but also form needed bonds that one might not ever thought possible, or ever saw the need for before…


Hot Water: Journal Entry #1

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