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I plant the seeds of doubt
My drool feeds the seas of discord
My breath stirs the winds of chaos
I am THEY!
Have you never wondered?

They sure gets blamed for a lot stuff.
Wonder what They did to deserve that.



The Resolution Comic

They say you can't do everything.
Try, and you will fail.
Either, you do a few things, and do them well.
Or, you do a lot of things, and do them poorly.
Well, I'm going to do as much as I can,
as best as I can.
And as for what they say?
I don't really give a damn.

You ever wonder who they are? 

Happy New Year!

We hope to have much more Insano to share in it!



Beware the Candy Cane Mafia!



Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Damn It’s Cold!  (again)

Here's a Holiday NPT Comic (of sorts) for you!

This is part of my Christmas Card Campaign for this holiday season.  Yes, I'm actually mailing out copies of this 'artwork' to supposed friends and people who currently claim to be family.  If this card campaign proves successful, I fully expect to have the number of people I need to buy gifts for next year down to just... myself.  We'll see.  How long do people have to be quiet before they qualify as "not talking to you anymore"?

Whatever you celebrate
at about this time,
We all hope you enjoy
And have a fine time!


Happy Holidays from Infallible Clause!


The lab is back in production again!

You really better be good, because Santa is outsourcing this year!

We've more got comics in the pipe, but here's a holiday gift to hold you over to the lab is operating at full steam!

More Insano Soon!


New NPT: A Simile On The New XBox XP

 Comic Here

Microsoft recently updated the user interface on thier XBox 360 console.  They've been referring to this update as The New XBox Experience...

My initial thought of the new XBox Experience was that it was like a giant Rolodex full of digital stuff.  But that proved to be an inadequate comparison when I realized that while it is possible to lose your place in a Rolodex, it was impossible to get lost, and I got soooo lost in the new XBox interface.  It’s like a giant spinning maze… and it caused to me to remember an absolutely insane idea I had at one time…

When I was much younger, and having been just recently introduced to Wolfenstein 3D, I had this fantastic notion of developing an OS, or, well, a file browser really, that organized your programs and data files into a virtual dungeon that you could run through.  I was enamored with 3D interfaces and environments at the time and thought it would just be awesome if I you could have an avatar of some sort jog down to the library to read your digital texts, or run down to alchemy labs to a write a program or compose a letter.  Maybe you could run out to the playground to play games.  Or go who knows where for what else.  My god... what a convoluted approach to program and data management that would of been!  As it is, some people nowadays complain about having to double click an icon to launch a program!  Just imagine what running down a dungeon to check your email would’ve been like?  One wrong turn and you could find yourself in your roommates porno stash in the torture chamber….  (Talk about a whole new definition of dungeon crawling!)

Anyways, my excuse for thinking such a convoluted interface would be cool at was the fact, that up until that time, I had only used one graphical OS interface in my life - GEOS on the Commodore 64.  Now, ANYONE who thinks a modern OS is slow, doesn’t really know what slow is.  There is nothing more fun than spending ten minutes loading an operating system off four five and a quarter floppy disks (back when disks were really floppy), then spending another ten minutes loading the software you want to run, only to have the computer crashed, or have some odd disk loading error!  You’d have to start the whole OS load process over because the OS wasn’t installed to a hard drive.

Once I got used to windows, and the GUI concept, I heartedly embraced it.  Never forgot about my command prompt though.  Still have uses for that.  But I had no desire now to run down a dungeon corridor to check today’s news.  A double tap on my news site bookmarks sufficed well enough.  I knew exactly where I’m going, and how to get there.

Which is not always the case with the “New Xbox Experience”.  I can only imagine that the guys in the Microsoft marketing department raided the developers office one night and poured liquefied ads into the coffee supply because that’s what’s the new Xbox interface is full of now.  Everywhere.  All kinds of ads.  Multimedia, streaming, noisy, flashy, annoying - and worst of - everywhere!

There’s this one “channel bar” that you start on that organizes your games, videos, pictures, and other content.  If you don’t stray from that, you’ll be ok.  But if you accidentally flip off your home channel you’ll quickly find yourself inundated with rows upon rows of ads!  And the layout of all these different ad channels start to look the same.  After awhile, they start to look like dungeon corridors in a classic 80’s dungeon crawling game!

Personally, I prefer the old ‘blade’ menu interface.  Fortunately, you can still access a miniaturized version of that interface by hitting the often underutilized “Xbox Guide” button.

For a moment I wondered, very briefly, if the whole XBox interface redesign was really a way of goading people into using that one singular glowing button that generally had no use except to exit a game.

I don’t know, but one thing is for certain, you’ll find that the Xbox Guide button will be your guide out of the dungeon that is the New Xbox Experience.





Gawd Awful Poetry

Well, while we wait for the artist to finish playing with his pencils so he can get his new computer set up, here's a random selection of various "poem like things" of mine you can  torture yourself with.

Some are very old, and are fairly new and not that refined. (Some argue none are that refined!)

And it is very possible you may see them again.

Hope you had a great holiday.

One other, Doctor Insanos second birthday just passed!

We'll have to break out some cake sometime.

Here's a link to that poetry!



It's Okay

A man told me once
   he didn't like my poetry
And I told him
   it was okay
There are a lot things
   I don't like in this world
But that doesn't make them
   go away



He is not the
thief in the night
She steals unhidden
all eyes aware
not unkempt
not ugly
rather beautiful
rather stunning
Speaking honeyed words
Very seductive
it's okay
it's alright
He only takes hope
She only takes pride
not worth a dollar
not worth a cent
Worth so much more
than any of it
but it's never missed
just never thought of

this thief this crook
this seductress
knows what to take

this thief this crook
this seductress
knows that this fact
is ever so true

no one can steal
from you
like you

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