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Moving, Hiatus

Hell, it can't be denied that the Doctor is out right now.

Since it's been over a year since the last real comic was posted, we have to admit to ourselves that Doctor Insano is on hiatus.  We have many stories to tell, so we hope this is not a permanent condition.  But life, being what it is, does give some of us more pressing priorities that this little diversion.

With that said, we are going to be moving to a new server.  The site will support comic comments, and other features, so we'll see how that goes.

Have a great year, we hope you all the best, and hope to see you again in the new one!


Flash Fiction: The Last Vampire



And so, the last vampire stood alone.

There had been hundreds of his kind at one time; enough to feel a sense of family, and society, yet small enough to go undetected by their prey.  Or so they had thought.

He surveyed his surroundings, his cell, and pulled against his restraints.  He was so weak, the movements were futile. He could not move, but had to do something rather than embrace the madness that was trying to engulf him.

His brothers, his sisters, all his brethren were now gone.  He could no longer hear them, they made no calls.  Surely the humans had lied.  Surely he was not the last one.  But no other vampire answered his silent call. Outside of the roar his rage his mind was silent. No voices called.

They were clever, those bastards.  The brave victorious sheep.  Gloating over their victory.  They had poisoned their blood.  All of them.  Then entire species.  They had poisoned their blood, and the vampires fed, and the vampires died.

It took awhile before the vampires had caught on.  Most never did.  Vampires would just up and die after a fresh kill.  There was no movement, and no turning to ash, or changing of features, they would just stop drop, and start to rot like any natural corpse, like they should had already done long ago.

But he had caught on, he knew something was wrong.  He stopped feeding, tried to steal blood from hospitals, tried to feed on animals, but none of it was enough to sustain him.

He had discovered a religious community that abhorred outsiders, and kept to themselves.  They refused to embrace the enhancements that modernity had brought, and stayed stuck in a time of their own choosing.  They were righteous, vigorous, healthy, and most importantly - pure.  They were also quite tasty.

But the contamination spread to them too, eventually.  He didn't know how it spread, or how it worked, but it spread still.  Something must have been put into the food, the fertilizer even?  It couldn't have been a shot.  These people he fed on were afraid of modern medicines.  Some systemic change had to have taken place.  But what?

And it had almost got him, this poison.  It had almost got him.  So close.  He killed a young girl, barely nine, ripped her flesh open... and noticed the odd smell.  It was not right.  He had flung her body into the air behind and, and crashed through the wall of her house.  He killed everyone there, slaughtered all, bits and pieces were cast about everywhere, but the smell was always wrong. Always wrong!

So he ran! He ran out into the open! He ran out into the town square.  He yelled, he screamed, he roared, and people looked at him, most curiously.  There, in that opening, covered in blood and rage, people approached him.  He reached out to slaughter them too. To spill their poisoned blood on the ground, and make them pay the only way he could.  He wanted to punish them for their treachery! He reached out, as far as he could, but found could not move.  The sun had came up, caught him unawares, and he could not move.  Slowly, his body had hardened, as the hated sun twisted his flesh into stone.

Men, government men he had assumed, showed up, and carried him away.  Carried him to here, here where he had been for years, bound and unmoving.

In the bowels of this dungeon, away from the light, his skin became normal again.  They punctured his flesh with needles and probes, and pumped strange fluids into him.  Animal proteins and odd chemicals, nothing that could help him.  He mused it must give some sort of substance, enough to keep his dead body living, but weak enough to keep him trapped in his bonds.

All around him he was surrounded by strange machinery and moving lights.  The buzzing of the devices caused a low rumbling pain in his head that would never go ahead.  And odd smells surrounded him when the humans were away.

Every day they came to visit him.  His body, paralyzed with malnutrition, could not do anything to them.  How it tormented him so.   All these warm, delicious bodies, surrounding him, and filling his nose with their taste, just right for drinking!  It drove him mad!  But he knew that they’d be poisoned too.

They probably made the poison.

But that was ok, the vampire thought.  He’d over heard someone speak; the poison was killing the humans too.  Something about eggs being rejected and spewed from bodies.  The poison killed them.  No babies were being born.  Humans would die out.  In killing his society, his family, his kind, they had killed themselves.

Which was their due.  The sheep had culled themselves, had taken over the vampires role themselves.  They were the monsters now.

He laughed, he wanted to laugh. And as the two agents looked down at him, he curled his lips into a smile.

Doctor Fulbright said, “Look, I think he twitched his lip.”

Doctor Norris looked down at the catatonic patient unconvinced.  “I suspect this dim overhead light is playing a trick on your eyes my good man.”

Doctor Fulbright looked down again, and wasn’t sure any longer.

“What do you think happens to a mind of a man who’s been catatonic for all these many years?”

“I dunno.  I’ve always figured it was just a long empty sleep.  The lack of stimulation would give his brain hardly anything to dream about I imagine.  Could be nothing at all.  The mind numb.  You hardly ever see people waking up from these conditions like you do in the movie.”  Norris answered. “No, I’m fairly certain nothings going. Blackness, unawareness, no one’s home.  We just keep checking the plumbing and make sure the lights are on until they find a way back.”

Norris motioned towards a monitor.  “Look, hardly any change on the pattern of that line.  They’re nothing alive in that mind.  It was dead.”

Doctor Fulbright nodded.  “You know, I bet he’d like some sun.  I think I’ll have one of the orderlies roll his bed over next to the window.  Warm sun on his skin.  I’m sure he’ll like that.”

And as the doctors stepped out of the room, somewhere down the hall, in another room, the last werewolf howled at the moon.



Catching Up

Ok, it's been awhile since the last post.  Buncha things been going on.  Thought we'd a little explaining, talk about what’s been going on, and what’s gonna be going on.

Lets see... the artist has a new young'un on the way, so congrats out to him and his family!  We're going to be divvying up the art load here in the near feature.  No fear!  The artist is still handling the inks and drawings!  I'll be taking a stab to coloring and lettering.  Should be an interesting experiment.

There really is more Insano on the way.  I've actually have in my possession some of bits our future strips.  They'll all be posted in good time.


Honestly, I can't bring myself to cry.  We were such a poor match, I don't know why the founder (who has now left) invited us to join.  I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out sooner. The vast majority of the comics there I found to be a little too melodramatic.  So were many of the writers too. That's something I found out reading their critiques of comics that wanted to join that collective.  All in all, I can say there was only one comic there that I really enjoyed reading, and that was Crowfeathers.  

No one from the collective ever contacted us, or responded to our emails.  Glad we missed the kick out ceremony since those things tend to involve knives, rocks, and unpleasant rituals.  I'm guessing our lack of recent updates was the reason for the dismissal, but I don't really know, or care.  As soon as the walls quit moving, we're gonna be yanking down all of the collective banners on our site so if there is a particular comic that you like that rotates through, make sure you bookmark it now!

Oh, as for those moving walls... I've been sick again lately.  Damn office bugs.  That, and a massive video game binge has been he reason for my own personal slacking.

Ah, oh well.

While we're talking about comics, I have to make a confession: I don't really read web comics all that much.  Nope, don't care for most of them.  I'm a fan of comic books, and news paper comics (yes - I read the PAPER newspaper nearly everyday).   There are two web comics though that are very dear to me, and I look forward to everyday they are posted: Sinfest and Scary Go Round.  And Sinfest by far is my favorite among ALL comics of ALL media!

Just thought I'd throw those plugs in.

There have been some new NPTS posted recently, so I'll go and list all of them here:




 Role Play



 Hope you caught 'em when I posted 'em.  And if you didn't like 'em, I hope you at least didn't retch at 'em.

 We'll have more Insano and NPT your way soon (and hopefully, a lot sooner!).

 Keep reading!





New NPT: Sins


Ok, one more little NPT comic poem thing to tide you over untill they get the poster for the next Insano Chapter out of the lab.  (I heard it's a bit big so it's been hard to squeeze out the door).

No more zombies this time!
Some will be sad,
I know,
and some will be glad
'cause I can't draw'em for squat!

They'll be back though.
They always come back.
And mebbe my art then
will bring more life to the dead.

This new NPT... I hesitate to call it a"comic" because... it's more like some weird ass kindergarden art piece... let's just call it a poem-drawing-attempt-thing?...?


This is a poem,
based off an older one of mine. 
Seems I have many of these,
laying around passing time.

I guess I could do a Dickenson,
and hold on to them till I die,
But I'm not nearly that kind!
The world must suffer my poem try!


I used to say

The only sin
I ever committed
Was the fact
I never committed any

I wondered
if anyone else
had ever said
those words before

If so I never heard

But they sounded
so very quotable to me
Still as far as I knew
Only my words for me

And for a time
they were so true

Yes, for a time
they used to be so true
they used to be so true


More Insano soon...




New NPT: A question for the movies...

And it is new this time!

The artist has informed me that the next official Doctor Insano strip should be due out soon, so you guys (all one hundred of you!) won't have to suffer the art of a non-artist for much longer!

Anyways, this little strip is probaly the most complex one that I've personally drawn.  That might not say much for my skills, but this is also the first one I've drawn where I actually drew the whole damn thing on one sheet of paper, instead of whole buncha little bits, and gimping them together.  Hopefully, my drawing is improving a little.

And was for y writing gig, this is another comic based on one of my "Poem Like Things" (PLT).

Here it goes, below:  You might want to look at the comic first, then come back here to see the original version of the PLT...

A question for the movies...

So Whats up with the fast zombies?

If you could,
Please answer me this:

Ghouls no good for you?
They're flesh eating creatures too,
and not necessarily of the night.
Plenty well conditioned
to give someone a fright!

Zombies shamble around,
much like mindless sheep.
They don't break fast,
run at you and leap!

What happened I ask
Did some director see
some poor homeless zombie
out on the street
then say "Hey You!"
"You there!"
"With the open wounds,"
"and festering fingers!"
"You could be in movies!"

Did he square his fingers
and frame the poor lost soul
then excitedly exclaim

"Yeah you!"
"Just work out a little"
"Go to the gym"
"Trust me on this"
"You'll fit right in!"

Hope you enjoy.



New NPT: The Signs

New NPT Comic!
Ok, it isn't that new.
I've been running behind running behind running behind!
It's been up for about two weeks now,
Here's another sign to go with it!




Commentary on the new NPT: Shot and Steel

New NPT Comic: Shot and Steel Here


Where the hell did this comic come from?
Well… interesting story behind that.
Ideas come from many places.
From experiences  and dreams,
to the random oddball conversation.
Here’s what I roughly related to the artist…


On Facebook those damn surveys abound
But among them many stories are to be found
And many useful information bits
like just how prepared are your friends
for when the zombie apocalypse hits?

Any after writing my responses
in which I tried to be a bit witty
I took a few moments to burn
and wrote this little ditty:

It seems unanimous
The zombie hordes
will be upon us

Shot and steel
We will wield
and keep 'em from us

Oh glorious day
When we wipe 'em all away
and the good Earth praises us

But how did that come to be?
Well, there’s another epic tale you see…

I dreamed about zombies again...
I dreamt of them all night.
Even after a bathroom break,
I couldn't escape that dreamscape fright!

I don't know what the deal with zombies is,
but my fangirl friend came over last night
and wanted to play a zombie shooting game
And so we did, we played, so very late into the night.

Everyone I know
has the Zombie Survival Guide
And nearly everyone I know
has read World War Z
Nearly everyone I know
Everyone except for me

The Man In Japan started a conservation
He asked us to talk about ourselves
which I for one only did
after much hesitation

But Willkill didn't hesitate
oh no not he not none
mentioned he liked swords
mentioned he liked guns
and that he carried both
while others carried one
And said that he was ready
for the day zombies would come

So The Man In Japan replied
very much in kind
And said those were the very reasons
When humanity was on run
‘Cause zombies had started come
Willkill would be draft pick one.
Cause while others had either or,
he'd have sword and gun

So I said ha! And wrote a little ditty.
And since many were amused
I found myself christened...
"Combat Chaplain"
christened with very little pity

For himself The Man In Japan took
that most exalted title of
Bladed Berserker Recon Boy
Yeah - you try to find that in a book!

(Willkill for his part
had this little bit to say:
Be what you want,
but stay out my weapon's way!)

For a brief moment I actually considered
trying to draw a cartoon to match that poem

Or at least three caricatures
of us three characters
Then rudely discovered
I sincerely lacked the talent!

Seems I went and I did it anyway
Still lacking the talent

(and since I hate to throw away
anything I worked for a day
and since for this I don’t get paid
might as well share it anyway!)



A Message From the Doctor



I've got it on good authority!

(from the artist himself!)

The lab's back in production!

More Doctor Insano strips will soon be on the way!

Just check here

To see what the Doctor has to say!


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